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Dear Colleagues,
I am very proud by taking the Office of EAONO for two years. Please let me express my cordial thanks to the founders and previous Presidents of the Academy, namely Ugo Fisch, Mirko Tos, Jacques Magnan, Karl Bernd Huttenbrink, Erwin Offeciers, Angel Ramos Macias, Milan Profant and Franco Trabalzini. I will continue the mission that I take over precisely.

  • Dear Friends,
    I am grateful for your contribution to EAONO Izmir Meeting. As I mentioned within my several previous e-mails, Izmir is a safe, European style City, and I am sure you will enjoy inspiring the wonderful atmosphere there.
    Because of some cancellations I needed to revise the scientific program. I am sorry by making it directly without consulting to you directly in individual basis but if you feel uncomfortable with the contribution assigned for you please let me know and I will do my best to make it more appropriate for you.
    With this opportunity, I wish you the best for 2017 being in good health, happy and in peace.
    With my very kind and sincere regards
    Prof. O. Nuri Özgirgin