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European Academy of Otology & Neuro - Otology

Dear participants,

Our 16th course on Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery will take place on September 15th – 18th at the ENT
School of Bordeaux. We hope we will be able to present you with new as well as established techniques
from different areas of otology. The course has a clinical and a practical part, i.e. dissection in the temporal
bone laboratory.

Course Description and Objectives

  • This 4 day course will be given in English in our advanced temporal bone laboratory under intensive instruction and supervision. Each station includes a full set of microsurgical instruments , operating binocular microscope , motorized drill & suction irrigation system
  • The course is designed for ENT consultants, otology fellows, and residents.
  • Two cadaver temporal bones are available for each participant for use to practice routine, advanced
  • temporal bone and middle ear surgical techniques.
  • Live televised surgical sessions, mixed lectures, and radiology discussions.
  • Introduce and acquire basic skills in CO2 laser stapedotomy, cochlear implant, BAHA and implantable hearing systems (Vibrant Soundbridge).
  • At the end of this comprehensive hands-on course, candidates should be able to manage patients with chronic middle ear diseases & cholesteatomas, use the appropriate surgical procedures, understand the management of hearing loss with ossiculoplasty & be familiar with a variety of techniques for ossicular chain reconstruction.
  • The following procedures will be practiced:
    •  Canal Wall Up Mastoidectomy.
    •  Facial Recess Approach.
    •  Epitympanotomy
    •  Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy.
    •  Middle Ear Dissection.
    •  Stapedectomy
    •  Ossicular Chain Reconstruction
    •  Facial Nerve Dissection & Geniculate Ganglion.
    •  Endolymphatic Sac Dissection
    •  Labryinthectomy.
    •  Approaches to the IAC.
    •  Cochlear/Middle Ear Implant
Place: Bordeaux University Hospital ENT Bordeaux School Bordeaux University, School of Medicine Skull Base Surgery Department (Head DARROUZET.V)
Date: 20.10.2016 - 23.10.2016