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European Academy of Otology & Neuro - Otology

To EAONO Steering Committee & Board Members:

Report and Document in addition to the EAONO Steering Committee Meeting in Paris, 15 December 2002

  1. Instructional Workshop in Nice 2002-12-2002 

Participation : 425 from 45 countries (document page1)
Positive financial balance, final report with benefit will be done in February 2003
The first instructional workshop brought 159 new full members, 33 associate members, 68 trainee members.

  1. Next EAONO Instructional Workshop: NICE ACROPOLIS, 21-24 OCTOBER 2004

(flyer enclosed)
announce to ENT news made, thanks and new invitation to the instructors made
Decision: Evaluation of each instructional course should be performed thanks to some invited trainees members.
Poster with price should be promoted .

3-EAONO finances was reported , the count is positive but 2001 report must be check.

4-STRATEGY 2002-2004
4-1 Courses under the auspices of EAONO should be collected and edited using web and EAONO map. Words from the president and general secretary done and sent to all members.
4-2 Standing Committees
focus our strategy on educational training programme and research (see eaonoinfo)
Decision: project of application within Erasmus activities for first a curricular development project (Master in Neuro-otology(2003)), second an intensive programme in Neuro-otology(2005).
Please find enclosed more information about the project (document pages 2-10) and visit the site www.socleoyouth.be.erasmus
The next educational training programme working group will take place in Barcelona, on Friday 7 March (14.00 to 16.00) during the ESB meeting in Terrassa.
4-3 an European Educational Web site on the ear (document pages 11-14) was planned by scientists ( Remy Pujol from Montpellier), this can be re-actived within our project of curricular development in neuro-otology . The use and the development of an educational site is more than  recommending.

5- Information
EAONO web site( www.eaono.org ) must be re-looked , this will be done by MCO (Dario Mougel) in Marseille (mcocongress@wanadoo.fr )
EAONO web site must be regularly renewed regarding scientific information, this will be done by Nuri Ozgirgin( ozgirgin@ato.org.tr.  )
EAONO web site must offer an European Academic Training Programme, this will be developed within our European project and a technical link with the CRIC (Regional Center of Cellular Imaging ) rpujol@montp.inserm.fr
EAONO map should be edited every year; on study proposals from Dario Mougel and  Pavel Dimov.

425 attendants from 45 countries.
Place: Nice
Date: 28.10.2002 - 30.10.2002