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European Academy of Otology & Neuro - Otology

The last week of June 2012 hundreds of people with hearing problems and professionals will meet in Bergen, Norway for the IFHOH World Congress. The congress is only arranged every fourth year, last time in Vancouver, Canada.
The main theme for the congress is “A Better quality of Life for Hard of Hearing”. Every day there will be two plenary sessions followed by parallel sessions. Several speakers from all over the world will participate, both well known professionals and hard of hearing. The program is of high quality and will give the participants a view into the future. Go to Norway with an open mind and you will leave inspired and exited!
The whole program you will find on the website: www.ifhoh2012.no
Here you also can sign up for the congress, book hotels etc. NB! Sign up before 01.04.2012 and you will have a special “early bird” fee!
And if you will like to see more of Norway when you are here – you will find several possibilities on the website. Bergen is called “The Gateway to the Fjords”, and in a couple of hours you will find the most amazing sites. For example you can go on a one day trip called “Norway in a nutshell” or on cruise with “Hurtigruten” for a couple of days or the whole trip “almost to the North Pole” and back. It is called “The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage”.
Bergen is worth a visit by itself. It is a World Heritage city with a lot of interesting sites. It has a very compact centre and the hotels are just a few minute’s walk from the famous Grieg-hall which is the venue for the congress. Surrounded by seven mountains, but at the same time open to the ocean it is a very special city you have to experience yourself.
Welcome to Bergen and Norway in June 2012 and get an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Place: Bergen
Date: 25.06.2012 - 28.06.2012