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European Academy of Otology & Neuro - Otology

Trans-European Postgraduate Otology Neurotology Education Project (TEPONE)

Trans-European Postgraduate Otology Neurotology Education (TEPONE) project intends to increase the level of education for otolaryngologist on otology and as well give support to otology involved colleagues with further information and experience on Neurotology.

As EAONO already submitted the official Fellowship Program for Neurotology to UEMS at the end of the year 2014, this project does not conflict with the proposed program, but aims giving support to personal efforts for postgraduate training.

Temporal Bone Dissection is a must for an otolaryngologist who deals with otologic surgery. There are many dissection courses on temporal bone and skull base around the Europe with very high qualification. As the demand is very high on learning the temporal bone anatomy and having practice to drill and operate, many other dissections courses are needed to be promoted and/or new courses to be introduced.

In this regard there appeared a need for proposing the minimal standards for organizing the dissection courses as well as the training modalities for these courses, which already many of the ongoing courses fulfil this demand. By introducing the standards for the courses, there is also need to make a directory of all the courses in a place like EAONO website, which all interested on this matter can access easily. So, all the courses with these standards in the calendar will unquestionably take place in this listing, and the new courses will be added. Accordingly all the courses that are listed will also be accredited, by EAONO and will have the opportunity of using the logo of EAONO. Moreover, EAONO will prepare certificates, being enumerated and personally registered.

The second part of the project involves the clinical visits to European Otology and Neurotology Centers for the postgraduates who aim special education on a topic. So all the European Reference Centers, accepting to host postgraduate trainees for a while (a couple of months) will be announced in the TEPONE pages of EAONO website, to give opportunity for the applicants making their submissions. The Clinical Visits will also be certified by EAONO. Further information in this matter will be available in the EAONO website soon.

This project aims to lead this project within the regulations of EC Horizon 2020 Project, The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

The project does not aim any conflict and compete with UEMS projections, as already having submitted the “Neurotology Fellowship Program” to be approved and announced to connected countries.

Prof. Dr. O. Nuri Ozgirgin