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Temporal Bone Dissections

Temporal Bone Dissections

Temporal Bone Dissection courses around Europe is part of this project. The aim is giving the knowledge of temporal bone anatomy in 3D with the hands-on courses under the supervision of highly qualified tutors and distinguished otologists.

The EAONO Certified Courses will be announced within the website and the the participants of these courses will be certified with EAONO Diploma. These will be delivered as numerated and and registered within the EAONO database.

Belgium Antwerp European Institute of ORL Erwin Offeciers April 13-15, 2016 & November 23-25, 2016
Antwerp Bony Obliteration Tympanoplasty Courses
Denmark Copenhagen     June 20, 2018
EAONO 2018
United Kingdom London The 8th London Temporal Bone Course (Annual) Professor Dan Jiang 13/06/2016 – 15/06/2016
Kings College London School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Guy’s Campus, London, UK.
United Kingdom London The 1st London Advanced Middle Ear Course (Annual) Professor Dan Jiang 16/06/2016 – 17/06/2016
Kings College London School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Guy’s Campus, London, UK.
France Bordeaux University of Bordeaux Vincent Darrouzet May 10-13, 2016
France Lyon Hôpitaux Sud Pierre Bénite Stefan Tringali 2 TBD Per year
France Paris Hôpital Lariboisière Philippe Herman 25-28 November 2015;
Germany Cologne University of Cologne Karl Bernd Huttenbrink 1 TBD Course
Germany Halle University of Halle Stefan Plontke March 2017
Italy Piacenza Gruppo Otologico Mario Sanna 5 TBD Courses each year
Italy Perugia University of Perugia Giampietro Ricci November 26-27, 2015
Japan Kyoto Kyoto University Norio Yamamoto July 12(Tue) - 15(Fri), 2016
Slovakia Bratislava University of Bratislava Milan Profant Oct 17 - 19, 2015 / March 6-9, 2016
Spain Barcelona Permanent Instructional Temporal Bone Laboratory PEDRO CLARÓS MD PhD,ANDRÉS CLARÓS MD November 7-8, 2016
Switzerland Luzern Luzerner Kantonsspital Thomas Linder http://www.ugofisch.ch/activities/
Switzerland Bern University of Berne Marco Caversaccio http://Otology.swiss-meeting.org
The netherlands Nijmegen Radboud University Medical Center Jef Mulder February 1-5, 2016
Turkey Istanbul Acibadem University CASE Nazım Korkut 2-3 September 2015
Turkey Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University Nazım Korkut 3-4 October 2015
Turkey Antalya Akdeniz University Hasan Ümit Özçağlar  
UK London Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Dan Jiang June 2016
Ukraine Kyiv Ukrainian Otology, Otoneurosurgery and Otoneurology Association Oleg Borysenko 4 TBD Courses